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April 1, 2012

On Jorge's motorcycle

The alarm woke me at 6:30 this morning. Lisa was sick again, so she stayed in bed. (She didn’t have to catch the bus anyway.) I told her about Jaime’s proposal, and she congratulated me, although I told her I’m not at all ready for marriage, and I doubt that I will be in just one year! She and I agreed to keep in touch, and we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. She has become so close to me, like a sister that I never had, a wonderful (non—paranoid) best friend. I can’t describe in words how I feel about her, because the words don’t have meanings when I’m trying to describe these feelings. This is just something that I know. I really like her and I wish all good things for her. She lives in a different city, but we are now bound together by our mutual experiences!

Jaime got up at about 7 to help me get ready to go, and he offered me a ride to the bus station. He gave me a huge hug, a gentle kiss, and reminded me to think about him (as if I needed reminding!) After I packed all my stuff into my suitcase and other purses and bags, I had to go to school to take finals! I had thought we were finished with school, but there was this one last morning of two exams. (Lisa didn’t make it.) The tests were so easy, the classes were more like good-byes, saying adios to all my classmates (that I didn’t really get to know, but, oh, well, we had fun!)

I was on my way home when Jorge pulled up beside me on his motorcycle and offered me a ride. I told him I was leaving in about an hour. He gave me one quick ride around the neighborhood and he told me he will miss me. I’ll miss him too, and his humor, his smile, his companionship. He’s such a sweetie! I thanked him for the ride and entered the house. Cande looked kind of sad, but also relieved (probably because she wanted her privacy back, which she’ll get when Lisa leaves later this evening. Were we good house guests? Cande does look like she has aged a little since we’ve been here. Maybe I should have spent more time with her and gotten to know her better.)

Lisa was up, but still feeling sick, and Jaime was rather quiet, almost mad, I felt, and they both helped me get my things into the car. Suddenly I was leaving Mexico! My trip was over! It happened so fast: Cande handed me a bag with some food she had prepared for me, Jaime drove me to the bus station, un beso, el beso ultimo, Jorge appeared at the bus station for a last good-bye, Bart had saved me a seat on the bus, the crowded bus, and I looked around to see Diego, Carlos, Gregg, Alice, and Anita also on the bus.

The bus was moving, leaving the home I had come to know, and I watched the familiar sights vanish and be replaced by desert. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t cry when Jaime and I parted, but Bart sensed that I was feeling a little down and he tried to cheer me up with some jokes, songs, and funny remarks spoken softly so that only I could hear.


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