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April 2, 2012

Road in New Mexico

I don’t think I dozed off, but very quickly we were out of Mexico, I mean, we were in Juarez, which is technically still in Mexico, but so close to the U.S., right on the border. Ricardo’s cousin brought the van to the Juarez bus station, and we loaded all our luggage, along with hundreds of souvenirs that the rest of the group had asked us to bring with us, into the van and we proceeded to the border. We waited in line for a long time, and I fell asleep (I had a seat all to myself) until the van finally moved. I woke up, and it was dark, almost midnight, and a border guard was asking each of us where we were born. When he opened the back of the van to do a customs search, he took one look at the tons of stuff we had, glanced at his watch, slammed the door and told us to have a nice trip.

Suddenly, just as we crossed the border, I was homesick, and all I wanted to do was to see my parents again! And Jeremy! I wondered if they missed me? We were in the U.S. again, and I wanted to get home!

We stopped in El Paso to eat American food. (Anita said she never wants to see juevos rancheros again!)  I called my parents, even though it was near midnight back home, and I told them we were on our way!  Dad sounded great!  Mom was asleep, but she woke up to tell me she missed me and to have a safe journey home. Mom sounded great also!

Now we are driving in New Mexico. Everyone is asleep except Bart, who is driving. (He confessed to me that he is only 17! He even showed me his driver’s license, so I know he was telling the truth. He was only 16 before his birthday, but they let him drive the van just because he looks old enough! I didn’t give away his secret. Wow, now he seems so different, now that I know he’s younger than I am.)

I suppose it is now time for me to sleep, also, since I don’t like to write when we were moving! Speaking of moving, we are going to drive straight through, and only stop to eat and get gas, no motels! That’s fine with me! I want to get home!


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